Adventures in Cow Checking

The house was a little too quiet this morning. All three kids went back to school today. My littlest one had his first “first day of school” ever. It was just too quiet, so I decided to join my husband, Scott, on his daily morning activity of checking cows. I’m so glad that I did because we saw a lot of action!

We currently have 180 dry cows on approximately 90 acres at the dairy. Dry cows are bred, nearing their due date, and therefore not part of our milking herd. As part of Scott’s responsibility, he drives around in our pastures looking for newborn baby calves. He ensures that the babies have drank their mother’s colostrum (first milk that is rich in antibodies) and that the mothers are doing well.

I was feeling kinda blah with the empty house, and this morning was just what I needed to take my mind off of it. Just look at these beauties! We had 5 new baby calves this morning.

IMG_1332Momma Cow & BabyBaby Calves

Baby calf

As we were checking cows, we saw a mother wild turkey with her flock.IMG_1336

We also saw twin fawns hidden in the brush. If you look hard, you will see the second deer in the back. Did you know that a doe will run AWAY from her fawn when approached? She wants to you to follow her instead of finding her baby.

Twin Fawns

It was great to spend some quality time with my husband in nature. In fact, he has asked me to go with him every morning so I can open gates, drive while he walks the cows up, and be another set of eyes looking for babies hidden in the tall grass or under trees. Living on the farm is such a blessing!