The Green Grass Grows All Around, All Around!

Wow! Has it been a rainy winter! While the soil has been too wet to plant, there is a positive outcome from all of this rain. The creek is flowing, the tanks are full, and the wildflowers are beginning to make an appearance. Spring is right around the corner!

With all of the rainfall, the pastures are looking fantastic! Cows love lush, green grass and it makes better milk too. Because the cows have more fresh grass in the spring, their milk is yellowish due to the beta-carotene in the grass. In other words, the yellower the milk, the more grass the cow has eaten.

jersey cows grazing


Cows are naturally curious, so when you stand in the middle of their territory, they want to know what’s going on.

20190309_100604 - enhanced


This girl came right up to me!

silly cow


“Well, that’s enough grass for the morning! It’s time to head to the milk barn!”

20190309_101449 - enhanced